Medical Evacuation Repatriation

With our air evacuation and repatriation Services, you can buy the peace of mind you want where ever you are, be it, in Indonesia or anywhere in the world. Many individuals think that Emergency Air Evacuation Insurance is not necessary. However, when the adverse situation strikes, this could be the best protection you would ever have. Recent Statistics have shown that 1 in 30 trips will end in a situation where emergency evacuation is required.

Medevac-id is a premier provider of Emergency Evacuation Services. The scheme we offer is Emergency Evacuation and repatriation Insurance. Our Aircrafts are equipped with the latest and best standards of features and safety to make your emergency evacuation journey a pleasant one.

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Valuable Insurance Coverage Scheme

Accidents and Illnesses could strike at anytime and anywhere. Safety concerns have to be a concern to everyone. In further statistics; over 10 million individuals who are traveling gets hospitalized each year. Of this over 10 million individuals, over 2 million will require a form of medical transportation. As this is the current statistics, 75% of traveling individuals are now concern about their safety.

During your membership with us, we will offer you excellent services. Our customer service support officers will arrange adequate transportation for you get your medical treatment from a hospital of your choice. This hospital could be situated at anywhere in the world where you can get the inpatient care you need. We strive to gain happy members through our medical evacuation services where our response need not be initiated by strict conditions.

Premium Evacuation Services

Medevac is among the first to offer medical evacuation and repatriation services in Indonesia, offering services to patients who wish to travel to any parts of the world to receive the medical treatment they need. We are proud to extend our services to you, to be evacuated from where ever you are in the world. As the leading provider of such services, we have enforced high standards in terms of safety and care for patients, having qualified doctors beside you from the time you leave a country, to the time you arrive at another one. As a thriving evacuation service provider, we also aim to set the highest standards in the industry.

When you look to us upon an adverse situation, our respective specialist will identify the best option for you for your specific health condition. Our services are well-equipped with premium medical facilities and accessories; this way you can have a peace of mind knowing that you are in the best care available.

Specialist in Evacuation & Repatriation

The specialist we provide have extensive experience in the industry, and been through rigorous training throughout their career. They have been specially selected by use to be able to address even the most serious medical situation that may arise.

Our pilots are also highly experienced, having flown thousands of hours in their career. You can expect to be treated with the highest level of professionalism you can find. We will take care of all administrations from the time your trip commences to the time it ends, basically the entire process. Our dedicated tear is ever-ready to serve you all the way!

As mentioned, Our Air Evacuation services is an insurance scheme and this scheme could be and have demonstrated to be a life saver. When it comes to live, do not take any risk, be covered from today.

There are some of the reasons why Medical Evacuation Coverage is essential. First, this insurance scheme is not a typical insurance policy. It is a scheme that brings the patient to a particular location to receive the life-saving treatment he or she needs, and where this life-saving treatment is not available at the country he or she is initially in.

You may already have a good health insurance policy in place. However, even so, it is important to have an insurance coverage for emergency air evacuation. A typical health insurance will only cover you for the treatment you need, but typically does not cover you for air evacuation. And even if it does provide you for emergency air evacuation, you may not be able to receive the essential guidance you may need in an adverse situation. Our medical evacuation insurance policy will cover you for the entire transportation process.

In an adverse situation, your credit card alone cannot bill you out. This is because you will need to be in continuous care with a specialist and be treated by the appropriate specialist. Without the emergency evacuation scheme, you may even be forced to recover on your own far from home or from the medical facilities you really need.

Our Emergency Evacuation services are well equipped to handle all kinds of situations, at anywhere around the globe. We also equip our members with a mobile app to make our service more proficient. You will be able to tapped on our services at any time, from anywhere. Our customer services hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can be at anywhere and be anywhere in no time. All done with minimum effort for our members.

Once again, Medevac is the leading air ambulance service provider in Indonesia, offering emergency evacuation insurance services at premium standards. We have been trusted by many individuals across the globe and many corporations, including those that belong to the fortune 500 group.

Our fleet

We have some of the most modern jets in the industry, this ranges from Learjets to the prestigious Canadair Challenger series jets, all be well equipped with the most advanced navigational tools, safety and medical on-board facilities.

What makes us unique

We provide year-round coverages, offering excellent solutions to frequent travellers. If you are a frequent traveller, our services are excellent for you and be ready to never worry again about needing adequate medical facilities.