What changes after living in a house in your face?

Today, we came to speak of that will that has already hit the chest of many people: “live in a house to my face”.

This desire can even superficial or unattainable seem at first, but Freud and explicit “feel at home” has a direct impact on our sense of belonging and brings a sense of delicious warmth that reduces stress and anxiety. That’s why a lot of people when it comes to moving, say “I want a house to my face”.

Here’s the question: what actually changes when you live in an environment in your face?

A In My Corner listed 5 things that change in a person’s life when she lives in a house in your face.

Take a look – we suggest you put Dog Days Are Over to play – and it gives you how to have an environment to your face that inspires warmth, happiness, and well-being Ie

1.  Bringing friends together is part of the routine

Life is much happier when we are surrounded by friends and thinking of a space that has as many friends as you want to receive at home makes all the difference for the comfort of the galley.

Here, the desire of the future inhabitant of this apartment was a room designed to receive several friends and accommodate them in small groups, comfortably. Eid Mubarak Shayari The best part is that we did not make any major changes to the apartment. For example, in the bar, we suggest super-adhesiveIeThis other customers already wanted a more sober room, with room for a night full of music and dance.

2. Cooking becomes a pleasurable activity earning new recipes with a delicious soundtrack in the new house is much better than cooking by obligation. Testing a new recipe for Masterchef in a kitchen like that even fits, do you agree?

3. Like your own company and your home, without having to fill every minute of free time

Do you know that anxiety to fill every minute of your free time? End up here, when you live in a place your face, enjoy the space and your own company is one of the best schedules of the weekend

If it is true that an image says more than a thousand words, take a peek at the before and after the transformation of this rented apartment and be sincere: in which scenario would you like to live – before or after the project In My Corner?

4. Develop the hobby you’ve always wanted and postponed

Cultivating plants, a reading or drawing corner, the space of the video game … reserving a space to develop your hobby helps to make your free time much more comfortable and pleasurable!

A vertical and organic garden has always been the dream of this couple. So the vegetable garden came right next to the kitchen, facing the window – the plants receive natural light and fill the service area with a lot of life!

5. More organization and a greater sense of responsibility

She used to say the saying, “who loves you” and when you like your house and you know that the dishes do not wash, you become more organized, you keep the house tidier – and life too.

Other than that, when we think about the functionality of an environment, Good Morning we think of how to fit everything you need to keep and then space is presentable, without that messy face.

In times of small and shrinking apartments, optimization of space is essential.

Here, the couple wanted a space to study and work, a bench for meals and also the TV room, all in one environment:

Finally, he sang the Dinho, from the Initial Capital:

“What do you do when

No one sees you doing

Or what you wanted to do

If no one could see you ”

When you absolutely feel at home, you have the best of liberties: do whatever you want, any way you want, whenever you want, and feel absolutely at ease Ie

By these and others, living in a house your face changes – and a lot – to your routine and how you feel in there. Environments can be catalysts of well-being and, therefore, it is so important that your home is your best place in the world you want to check some examples of how much it costs to transform your space, is a post with before and after fully owned and leased apartments completely transformedIe